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Innovation and its development are inseparable parts of our day to day routine. As a company we not only generate new innovative ideas, we develop and shape innovation, launch it to the market and see it successfully find its way in the lives of companies and people. The working experience accumulated by the members of our team gives us the privilege of having a wide range of areas we can work in and offer our services.


Entrust MOLBERTAS team with either daily obstacles that your organization is struggling with or any serious strategic decisions that need to be taken and through applying design thinking, agile and a wide range of other innovation fostering methodologies our team will not only come up with the best solution for you, but will guide and support you throughout the entire process of innovation. The expertise and experience of every company is of GREAT value, therefore we combine your experience and our knowledge of innovation to help you REthink and REimagine your products, services and business model.


Molbertas activities are grounded on a strong belief that the best solutions and ideas can only be born through simultaneously analyzing scientific research, designer sketches and accumulating business experience. Having many experts from various spheres working hand in hand in one team makes it possible to empathize with consumer, create innovation, share experience and be ahead of trends.

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If you feel passionate about innovation, have great ideas to share or are looking for the ways to cooperate, please contact us at Working together we can make a positive change not only in our lives, but in the lives of other people!